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My aim is to create perfect imitations of natural teeth to give each patient an attractive smile. 


  • Claude Less welcomes you to Art Oral.

"Art Oral Luxembourg is a dental laboratory that specialises in veneer techniques and refractory dies to create the beautyful, natural-looking teeth.

I am the founder and a dental technician who lectures at conferences and seminars about veneer techniques around the world "


Since 1998, I described myself as a dental aestheticist because i go beyond technical expertise into the art of creating aesthetic teeth. My passion for aesthetics drives the way i work.


Every step is focused on achieving the highest aesthetic quality possible for each individual.

Step1. Everything is centred on the person so i start by seeing the patient.

Step2. I check colour and create teeth in the same light for a perfect match.

Step3. During the provisional try-in , i adjust both the colour and form.

Step4. The final try-in is when i adjust the aesthetics to the person.


Art Oral s aesthetic approach to dental restoration addresses dental imperfections with minimal or non-invasive processes.



The Art Oral concept began for me when i met Klaus Mueterthies at a lecture in Guetersloh, Germany in 2005.


Klaus introduced me to ways of achieving the most life-like shape, texture and colour so teeth inegrate perfectly into the oral environment of each patient.

The veneers I use are the most difficult to work with but they are also the most beautyful.


-The veneers are so thin that teeth require little or no preparation so patients feel more secure.

-Creating teeth with a simple shape inspired by nature enables me to design an attractive smile for each patient.

-Translucent, light absorbing glazes with simple texture create the most aesthetic, natural-looking teeth.

-Matching colour on patients teeth and making veneers in the same room, under the same natural light, achieves perfect colour.


Veneers without preparation

  • So thin that no layers need to be removed from teeth

Natural shape,

texture and colour

Other services

- Ziconia crowns and bridges

- Individual high- aesthetic dental reconstructions

- Personal education and training

- Dental bleaching guides

- Dental photography

- Individual dental creations in Art Oral laboratories in Luxembourg and      Guetersloh

- Individual veneer reconstructions worldwide with no preparations

 (Hamburg, Casablanca, Moscow, Minsk, Seoul, Tunis)


"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the care you took over my appointment today. I am very grateful for your high standard of care and professionalism."


Psychologist Aserbaydjan


"Thank you so much. I am very pleased. Now my smile pleases  everybody".





"I am very glad that you gave me a beautiful smile. You are a true master".


Model , Belarus


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