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Patient interviews

No-prep ceramic veneers by Art Oral

The result of a cooperation between man and nature.

Thanks to my new veneers I  enjoy every day again.
My smile is perfectly designed, and it looks completely natural. Now, i feel more like me than I ve ever felt. 
It was a very great reassurance to find  a dentist who was interested in getting to know me as a person so he could match my smile to me as a hole person. The result is just perfect. Claude has a great skill and is a true professional.For the first time since i can remember, I feel confident enough to laugh.My veneers helped me discover that my laugh is more than just a part of me, it is a magic weapon and everyone has one.


Many people want a Hollywood smile, but they are afraid of going to the dentist. Technology does not stand still.

Nowadays they can fix dental defects with the help of veneers. I learned about veneers from Claude Less who is a highly professional dental technician.

He is a master of his craft with a capital letter and he changed my life completely. Now I smile and do not have a complex any longer.



Thanks to my dentist,

I was referred to the dental technician, Claude Less. I found him to be professional and someone who is clearly passionate about the work he does.

Claude is exceptionally competent and he took a lot of time to create the best aesthetic result possible for me. He has made me very happy by creating my beautiful smile.

Now I can smile freely and show my emotions to other people.